Comunitate Romania

Salutare Investitori din RO. Pentru schimburi de pareri , idei si alte investitii ne putem aduna aici.

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Am să încep eu cu un pie personal, pe baza căruia putem schimba păreri și eventual să construim ceva mai bun/eficient.

Taiwan semi is nice but don’t know what the other two stocks are. Is this your whole port? A bit bare bones but no qualms

Indeed is my entire portfolio and tried to have few growth company and a lot of dividends oriented. To much REIT in my opinion, but I will change this in next year. Id like to focus more on Energy and Healthcare industries and last but not least in IT& Telecom domain.

REITs are pretty solid imo , I have a few myself -the income should help support gains in these troubled times but healthcare is a solid choice as well.

As for energy, I don’t find it attractive, renewable or otherwise.