Please add the London Listed company, Fondul Proprietatea.

Ticker symbol: FP

As someone who speaks Romanian and has dual nationality, I heavily suspect this is a Romanian stock.

Yes @RumNCoke , it is dual-listed in Bucharest and London. It also has a US listing. I am requesting the London listing

I’ve forwarded the LSE listing to be added and will let you know here once I have an update :pray:

Thanks @Momchil.G that is helpful

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Is there any expected timescale as to when a decision will be made on whether to add this? @Momchil.G

Hey, apologies for the late reply :pray:

We have added the instrument just now, and it will be available for trading by the end of today. Don’t hesitate to share any other suggestions with us here or in this thread.

Appreciate you adding it @Momchil.G.

Is there a reason it isn’t available to buy in ISA accounts? It’s only available on Invest accounts. Ideally I’d want to hold it in an ISA

My guess is because it’s incorporated in Romania, primary registration on the Bucharest Stock Exchange but happy to stand corrected.

@1anrs is there something specific about Romania and Bucharest?

Because you can own LSE companies incorporated and dual listed in foreign countries like Kazakhstan (e.g. Kaspi) and Investec & Mondi (e.g. South Africa) in your ISA

No, I think the primary listing has to be LSE for it to be eligible for inclusion in the ISA. Dual listing is fine as long as the primary one is UK.

Not quite right. The primary listing has to be on a HMRC recognised exchange. It doesn’t have to be the LSE, but there’s a definitive list.

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Brilliant thank you, I’ll get it right the next time…

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Similar if not the same to ADR shares in ISAs

Hey, @sto :wave:

Unfortunately, the instrument is not ISA-eligible, so we will not enable it for trading for ISA.