Considering opening account for USA dividend stocks


I am Portuguese and I am looking for Degiro alternatives since I am not happy with their customer service.

I am questioning them about my account protection in case it goes bankrupt and they are not giving me a straight answer.

Anyway, my plan is to build a passive income portfolio with dividend paying USA stocks.

So, here are my questions:

  1. What I want to know is, if my USA stock portfolio is valued ate 85000 euros and I have 25000 euros in cash, what will my compensation be in case of bankruptcy?

  2. Another thing I am interested is what will happen once UK leaves the European Union since I am Portuguese.

  3. Regarding fees, I read online that these are variable for account funding depending on the way you do it. Can you please specify what fee is applied to fund account through bank transfer or credit card for example?

  4. are there fees to withdraw funds to bank account?

  5. more details on what spreads are applied in stock exchanges?

  6. Degiro lends stocks to other accounts, is Trading 212 also doing this?

  7. where can I find a valid promo code?

Best regards, I hope to have a clear answer here because I am not happy with Degiro.

what do you mean by promo code??

Read online that you can get 1 free share for example.

  1. Not sure with regards to EU policy sorry.
  2. Don’t know. Don’t think anybody knows. T212 would obviously like to continue to do business so long as it’s feasable.
  3. There is no charge for a bank transfer or using a debit card. I don’t think there is a charge for using a credit card, but you card provider might charge you. They may see it as equivalent to withdrawing cash.
  4. Edit: Apparently there is a fee for bank.
  5. No spread on stocks. CFD spreads can be seen in the info panel.
  6. Yes they are definately doing this. It’s how they make money.
  7. :stuck_out_tongue:

5GBP fee its only for bank transfer withdraw.
Credit card its free.

Thanks for the reply.

I forgot about the referral for the promo code and opened an account already. How can I cancel it so I can open a new account? I would use your referral @nickspacemonkey

Bah! Not sure you can lol. Thanks anyway!

I can’f find any mention of trading212 lending stocks to other accounts in the Terms and conditions of Trading 212.

Can anyone please confirm if trading 212 does lend stocks to other accounts?


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