Swiss Deposit Account

As a Swiss Investor it’s currently impossible to transfer money to Trading212 without incurring fees as the bank account is located in the UK. I would appreciate a local Swiss account for incoming transfers.


Please use Revolut to transfer to T212!

Cannot top up financial merchants using Revolut. In addition it’s against Trading212 policy to use third parties to deposit funds and I don’t want to use a debit/credit card for transferring large sums.

Can’t you use debit card?

I’m from Poland and my bank also charges for money transfer from bank account to trading212.

Howe ever I can fund trading212 account by debit card, without any fees.

EDIT: never mind, I see now you last sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

Revolut ist a bank with your legal name. So it’s not a 3rd party. You don’t have to use your debit/credit card, just send a bank transfer to Revolut (it will give you a local bank account for you).

I’m currently using a debit card and it’s working fine. It’s just that when my portfolio goes over 85’000£ I’ll be switching to Interactive Brokers. Now I’m just worried if it’s possible to withdraw such large amounts back to a debit card.

Good question. Can anybody answer that?

As of my knowledge Revolut is not using their full banking license everywhere.

Although I’m not completely sure Revolut will give you a local personal CHF IBAN. I’m sure at least they give local personal IBANs in UK, EU (SEPA as GBXX and soon LIXX) and Poland.

Best option for you would be Revolut in my opinion, regardless if you are transferring a few hundred CHF or a few million. They offer the best rates (absolutely best) and free unlimited global transfers.

If it’s a debit card, should not be any problem to withdraw it back since it’s connected with your checking account.

Also you can write to T212 and they’ll transfer to your preferred bank (verified) for free.

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Alright, I’m using Revolut on the side and in Switzerland we don’t get a personal IBAN but a pooled account with a personal reference. Thank you, so I should be fine using my debit card then.

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Hey where you from? I am from St. Gallen

I use the debit card of Neon