Degiro to Trading 212 - 6figs porfolio transfer

I have a 6 figures portfolio in Degiro.

This includes 3 ETFs and 9 US stocks. I am interested in knowing if I can transfer all or partially my portfolio to 212.

Will the average cost basis be correclty transfered? Will the positions be transfered in the same exchanges as the ones my positions are in in Degiro?

I’ll send you a DM with more details :raised_hands:

On a side note, we’ll support incoming partial and full transfers towards your Trading 212 Invest account. The instruments you intend to transfer to us should be traded in one of our supported exchanges. Also, you’ll be able to specify the buy price during the submission of the transfer.

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Also interested. I have one position left at degiro which I would love to move toT212

Hi Bogi! I have a few questions about transfers as well, could you DM me please?

I can see the team contacted you already - we appreciate your interest :raised_hands:

Bogi is offline right now, but I just sent you a DM :smiling_face: Feel free to send your questions whenever you have the time, and I’ll get back to you :v: