Contract notice statement - total costs?

hello all im a new guy to this topic of investing. i currently using the investment only product. i have received by email a contract statement , i can see on the right hand side there is a column with heading TOTAL COSTS . im looking at this break down and thinking where have these costs come from ?? how are these costs paid?? are they automatic bank charges that i will see in future? can these charges grow -increase if left unpaid? or have i got this wrong?

                                                                         very concerned . steve   ;0/

It is just the cost of your purchase and will already have been deducted from free funds balance. It is the same as the column headed Total Amount because Commission and Charges and fees are both 0.

hi Richard thank you for the quick response you have lowered my blood pressure slightly ! so these charges are applied to my fund account , i put £ 50 on to try it out in the investment (orange) fractional shares dept. only testing the app out , but i fear that as i am new to this game , i might make a costly mistake. is there any danger of incurring charges costs that i may be unaware of ??? so to recap , as long as the free funds balance remains above zero , this represents the balance of the financial position inclusive of any charges that may show up on a contract notice ? thanks again Richard i will no doubt be posting and researching much information on here !! ;@)

Yes. You cannot incur more charges than your original deposit to free funds.

Brilliant thank you. i will stay on board then ! :wink: