Could you add these to Charts please?

After using the platform for a couple of years I found there’s a number of things missing from charts that would make the whole user experience a lot better if they were added and reduce the need to use a third party site for charting eg trading view.

  • Proper volume indicators not just tick volume.

  • Working VWAP. Current one is inaccurate.

  • Can’t add notes to charts properly (can’t change font size). Trying to add them seems overly complicated.

  • Anything added to charts will disappear if you close it unlike trading view.

  • Search function doesn’t have enough variables to search for stocks.

  • Can’t add arrows to charts. Only continuous ray.

  • Not enough fib retracement numbers. Stops at 2.618.

Hey. :wave:

Thanks for the feedback it’s highly appreciated. We’ll have in mind your suggestions when improving the charts, and if possible, we’ll implement them.