Volume Profile Indicator


Can a volume profile indicator be added and what would the timeline be like? It has been mentioned around a year ago but nothing seems to have come out of it. It is such an essential tool that a lot of traders use and I’m sure would help the community have a higher chance of making a positive trade.


Welcome, @Noganon. :wave:

On the mobile app, you can choose between the Volume Profile Fixed Range indicator and the Volume Profile Visible Range indicator.

You can drop me a DM if you’re referring to another indicator. Also, new suggestions are always appreciated, so if you have any - feel free to share them.

Hi Bogi,

Any plans for that to be on the desktop as well? I usually execute trades on the computer or will I need to download some sort of emulator.


We’re planning to bring those changes to the web app too. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.