Could you move the cash balance from General Invest to S&S ISA Account within T212 app?

Dear all
I have cash balance sitting on my invest account a proceed from selling stocks. In this new tax years start April 6, 2021 I intend to fund my ISA account from cash balance on Invest AC. I prefer to do a direct transfer from Invest to S&S ISA account within T212 app rather than a circuitry way e.g cash from Invest to Bank account and then Bank AC to S&S account.

I have been trying to do this direct way but I have not found it.

Is there any way to transfer cash balance on Invest AC directly without involving your Bank AC ? IF so how to do that within T212 apps??

I am fully aware that doing this will reduce my ISA allowance in the same tax year, in this case it is for 2021-2022 tax years.

There is a “Manage Funds” item in the menu of the app which will enable you easily to move funds from Invest to ISA account.


Appreacite that. Got it thanks.