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Although I like Pension raft videos, somehow this feels a bit biased and he does seem to admit that.

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I have found his videos thought-provoking. However, he is very much focused on teaching novice investors. He doesn’t like owning individual stocks, stock picking or managed funds. But then, somewhat inconsistently, he advises re-balancing based on macro factors, and has spoken favourably of Vanguard strategy funds like VVAL (which has done terribly compared to a managed fund like Fundsmith or even VUSA). He notices that Trading 212 has a CFD side and then doesn’t properly explore what advantages the Invest side might have to offer.

I thought this item in yesterday’s paper was interesting. As Trading 212 grows in popularity he may be forced to give it a second look.

I assume “69% of those aged 26-37” means “69% of those investors aged 26-37”?

I’m shocked by how poor and unfair this review is; good to see users defending T212 though, speaks volumes.

I read all the reviews to his Youtube video. He certainly received a lot of well-argued push back from satisfied Trading 212 clients. Buried amongst the replies is his rejoinder. It seems he has a strong prejudice against CFDs and a closed mind about Trading 212 Invest platform. He writes,

CFDs are products that should not be made available to retail investors. They are simply gambling products. How could a company with a conscience market a product where it knows 75% of its customers lose money? The only reason the warning is there is because the regulator ESMA forced Trading212, IG, eToro and others to put it there. As I say in the video your app should encourage good investment behaviour and a platform that offers CFDs simply doesn’t satisfy that criterion. Thanks, Ramin.”

I expect very few people here agree with him.


After reading that comment I did not bother making a comment.

Sensible advice and review