Creating a Pie - stocks not listed?

I am trying to create a pie but it won’t let me add some specifc companies into it. They simply do not appear in the list?

However, when I search for them normally they are on Trading212.

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are those stocks available as fractions? If not that explains why they’re not available in pies

As in, can you buy less than 1 share of a company? i want looking at GFIN.

It is a new stock is that why?

yes exactly, You can only add stocks to a pie which can be bought in amounts of less than 1 share (GFIN isn’t one of those). In settings, you can enable an option which adds a small f on all stocks which have this feature (and thus are eligible for the pie feature)

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Wow… thank you so much. Lifesaver :+1:

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Separately, can I add my existing investments into a pie? Can’t find a way to do it so far…

yes you can, go to the holdings tab of the pie, then scroll down to the bottom there should be two buttons for importing and exporting.

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Amazing thank you :+1: