Why can't I add a stock to a Pie

Hi, sorry if this has been answered before. I’m having issues having certains stocks to a pie.

I have a pie of Reit shares and am attempting to add EPIC. I can search for the stock as an individual share but when I try to add a slice it doesn’t appear in the search. Is there certain rules that govern pie shares?

Reading on it appears that it could be because EPIC is not a fractional share? I didn’t realise that not all shares are fractional.

Under settings>Trade preferences you have option to enable Fractionals share indicator. So you can distinguish easily if stock is fractional or not.

Also yes, pie supports only fractional shares.

Hi !
Can you put existing holdings into a Pie?

Hi, no you can’t. No probs at least I know what is going on.

You can put your existing holdings into a Pie using the import investments funtionality. Go to your Pie -> Holdings -> Scroll to the bottom and tap on more actions.

Thanks for the info Geoŕge

But only shares that are enabled as fractional correct?

Yes only fractional shares can be bought or added to pie.