Crossing trade(s)

Morning all.

Just s thought, but instead of having to sell/buy to move holdings between GIA/ISA, would we be able to request 212 do a crossing trade instead. This would help avoid having to deal with the spread in the market - so good for customers.


Yep I’ve been pondering on this also, I’ve got quite a few positions that need to be transferred across to the Isa, would be nice to hit a transfer to Isa button (providing the correct allowance is remaining) rather than have to sell then re buy in the Isa.

You can’t transfer stocks in before we get a standard response, but if a crossing trade could be done, then customers are quids in as it removes the spread element in the market.

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Due to the specifics of ISA accounts, this will require extensive research before we can confirm if it’s possible to implement such an option or not. At this point, it’s not something on our to-do list.


Hey! Have a google for “Bed & ISA” - it’s definitely possible and is provided by some of the banks, the technicalities of how its done are a bit trickier.