Transferring into isa

Well if anyone has a a good way of transferring shares into isa.
Sell high buy low seems not work when the shares dont fall but carry on rising. Quantum scape, clean energy fuel but two.
Its a shame you can not just move your pie to an isa without selling?

Are you talking about from the invest account? No you can’t transfer positions in, but if you do it quickly enough you won’t lose too much money. I had to do the same, just did it one at a time, away from opening and closing hours as those are more volatile

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Hi. Yes, the problem with switching out of hours is pre or post market changes.
With my british stocks i decided sell and move when share price fell so that when buying in isa at least the average would be lower. The past two days i halve tried be clever and sell high, quantum and clean energy then bought half straight away with a slight loss and remainder on a limit order set lower. The prices though climbed and climbed so lost out massively. Now i have to wait for a pull back or buy back much higher. Quantum should full so sold my positions for a profit and will wait?.. I think the idea is not to try transfer shares but just buy new stocks in an isa from the start!

I think Cavan meant making the move in the middle of the trading hours of normal market where there is the least volatility in volume and price. this way you can still buy and sell between the accounts at the same time just by moving the funds across and perhaps loss or gain a tiny bit with each move.

pre/post-markets are even worse than trying to shift positions than at the open/close of normal market.

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Yeah sorry maybe wasn’t clear. If the prices stayed exactly the same you’d lose money due to the spread. You could try time it but that’s just added risk. I’d just take the small losses, they’re not significant over the long term

About 2 months ago I sold up and transferred into an ISA buying back at 3% below where I’d sold with more shares. About 11 out of 18 orders have been executed. The great thing is the other orders are still sitting waiting to come to me (dG used to cancel orders after 30days)