Crypto currencies trading

This may be answered but I have not seen it anywhere.

Are the crypto’s that we are trading in the CFD held by T212? Are they cold wallets or active wallets?

Ie: has T212 got wallets that can be seen for transparency?

Trading212 doesn’t need to own a wallet.
Trading212, like all the not-crypto broker, sell you CFD not cryptos.
This means that you don’t own crypto but you own CFDs on crypto.

Exemple of CFD crypto brokers:

  • Trading212
  • Oanda
  • Plus500
  • all the fore broker…

Exemple of crypto brokers:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • HitBTC
  • Kraken (if I don’t say wrong)

Basically if they ask you to deposit with crypto, or they give you a wallet address, they are crypto brokers. If they don’t they are CFD crypto brokers.

I totally get what your saying but what I mean is this, does T212 hold the crypto in which we are supposed to be trading? Or are we just trading a fictitious commodity?

CFDs are derivatives so you never trade the actual thing only contracts for it. as such T212 doesn’t need to own any crypto to allow you to trade CFDs on crypto’s.