Crypto currency plans

I think there might be a weird gap, that or a bug anyway.

I didn’t realise that I only earned a dollar of the GRT.

I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a cap as the business model must be totally unsuitable? It’s also pretty baffling how many tokens come out of thin air.

If you were “in the know”, or well connected, and have a good starting capital it must be a great time to just make one

How about a 212 coin?

What would it’s purpose be?

Let me guess, faster transactions?

Cheaper than the current providers 0.7% fees?

A store for dividends earned or a means to allow cheaper auto investing?

I’ve seen people on Reddit do exactly that. Every now and then the odd post will pop up with somebody having creating and trying to push their own coin.

@RLX thanks for that info. I’ll try in the app instead.

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Yesterday, EU proposed the end of anonymous crypto wallets and transfers:

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I don’t own crypto, but can’t you just write your crypto number down a bit of paper as your “wallet”?

b-word conference happening right now. elon, cathie wood, jack dorsey just started speaking.

update: Elon says he owns BTC, ETH, Doge, he also just said “I might pump but I don’t dump” as he loses money when BTC goes down.

update: Elon says Tesla will ‘most likely’ resume accepting BTC after some due diligence about clean energy

I’m pretty sure he will pump it back to $60k when he’s finished buying cheap and is ready.

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when you create a crypto wallet via an exchange (eg: coinbase, binance) they take all your personal details. so your crypto wallet address is not anonymous as they know your crypto number as you call it is linked to you. (name, address, etc.) , what you can do however is create the crypto wallet outside of an exchange and use a peer 2 peer service to buy btc anonymously, this is the bit they will crack down on.

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Thanks for clearing that up. :+1:

Just had a text from my bank saying that they will only accept cash transfers out of Binance.

What bank was that, if you don’t mind me asking?

RBS/NatWest and some more characters.

Monero has entered the chat.

Jokes aside, monero has proved a nightmare for regulators in recent years. I can go into the tech detail if anybody is interested in listening to me ramble; but monero has a double later of security/privacy by design which has been impossible to break. I remember a case a few years ago where Interpol were trying to source funds and just gave up.

A quick Google yielded this. Note: didn’t check this source or legitimacy of the article whatsoever.

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I’m not entirely sure how crypto can be regulated? We can be stopped from holding it, trading it, using it but surely if they regulate it fully they become responsible for its use and purpose as there is no real owner/regulator

Nor is it bound by any borders.

That’s the same reason why big organisations like Google/Amazon etc. are arguable more powerful than governments. Governments are bound by jurisdictions, while large multinationals are not.

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The only issue with that is the Jack Ma scenario, authorities do dreadful things when the impact for them is great

That is true. I’d argue though even the CCP need Alibaba. It’s a total power house.

Agreed but they typically look 20 years ahead, they rarely have any care about what happens now.
I still have no idea why you would publicly slap your finest achievers, unless it’s what the rest of the world wants perhaps?