Crypto long term

Is it possible to be able to invest in crypto currencies in the normal invest account so we can hold it long term opposed to day trading it on the CFD account?

We’ve the new update coming out this would be good to have a ‘pie’ of crypto in my portfolio


@Dleahy98 We’ll consider it. :slight_smile:


Hey David, did you give any thought on this ? Is it something we can expect in the near future ?
I think it is a great idea.

You can use Coinbase. From what I’ve read, you shouldn’t hold your bitcoin on your trading account anyways.

Hi David - are there any plans to allow Bitcoin holding as an investment in the Invest or ISA accounts I have with T212? I think Revolut has already started offering so was wondering if T212 is going to launch something even better?
Many thanks!!

@student007 We’ve thought about it but it’s really complicated from a compliance standpoint - which doesn’t mean a definite no.

Thanks David - there is some latest exciting news here - will this make it easier for T212:

Approved by BaFin, the German financial regulator, BTCE is structured as an ETC that is physically backed by Bitcoin… a structure very similar to physically-backed gold exchange traded commodities, and allows investors the option for redemption in Bitcoin -
T212 team, can we pls keep an eye on this pls?
Many thanks!!!


There is more info here about the latest developments :


@David can we get ADA (Cardano) added to platform?? Real life use cases and a hell of journey for trading :slight_smile: be great for company and community