Crypto exchanges now offering stocks (Tesla, Amazon etc)

I’ve noticed bittrex crypto exchange is now offering tokenized stocks such as Tesla, Amazon, Google etc. you don’t actually hold the stock just a token that represents it.

They are commission free and can trade them 24 hours…is this a serious threat to Trading 212? what do you think? initially it’s just a few stocks but will no doubt grow.

not owning the actual share isnent my cup of tea :confused:

Never seen Tokenized stocks before. It’s a bit like the opposite of holding stocks which track the underlying asset like BTCE I guess.

With fractional shares and keeping those in ISA with no fee on buying and selling I would say it’s not going to be a threat at all. :expressionless:

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Fair enough. It does state this:

“Holding tokenized stocks on Bittrex Global entitles users to dividends, and other economic benefits of holding the underlying stock”

So I wonder what you miss out on by having the token instead of the stock.

Never seen them either so been doing some research. For now seems like no threat, in fact I’ve realised for now can’t buy them in the UK or Europe but they are planning to be available soon. Maybe they will become widespread and popular in the future or just fizzle. who knows.

Edit. I wouldn’t put it past crypto exchanges such as binance to offer leveraged tokens which would in fact replace CFD trading.

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It’s all well and good until some whales start manipulating or the crypto in which your buying the token or selling the token back to loses value although, it could appreciate in value also. I’ve been trading cryptos from back in 2009 albeit was pretty minimal back then but in recent years I’ve been trading larger amounts and one thing I’ll say is, watch out for the maker/taker fees and also when having to convert back into fiat as can take a huge hit to profits if you don’t know what your doing

From someone who knows little about crypto would you say start with Binance or Kraken? Over coinbase etc

And Trezor or Ledger wallets?

Nether mate to be honest. What are you wanting to do? Buy different cryptos and hold? Or trade?

Potentially buy and hold investment.

Not particularly looking at lots of trades.

And not BitCoin probably Ethereum or Cardano

But I haven’t done that much research to be perfectly honest.

Maybe a couple of grand, so not talking anything large. At least not to start with.

Would you say just use something like Ziglu or Wirex and not overthink it.

I use binance and coinbase. binance - has flexible savings, can get flexible or locked interest on crypto by keeping it on the exchange, type binance savings into google to learn more. coinbase - simpler to use, can watch a few videos and get free crypto in various coins, type coinbase earn into google to learn more. with both exchanges of course you would want someone to refer you to get special joining offers.

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I use a whole range of places as some don’t use certain market pairs etc. I’m using this one for its staking gains as I buy and hold certain coins and, they have backed precious metals also so I can jump in and out of different areas. They have a cash back system also and the best part, a card in which you can walk into a shop and buy your groceries with your crypto :slight_smile: stable coins for market volatility and, a marketplace similar to an eBay platform that you can put your business on and get paid via cryptos etc



Binance and Ledger for set and forget. Shame you missed the 45% discount on Ledger for Black Friday.

Either way, Ledger is very good. Ledger S for no more than 4 coins storage and Nano X for dozens. I personally have the S as I have 4 coins only.

I’ve used Coinbase, Binance and Coinmama. Binance has the best rates and has multiple options of buying crypto including Cardano directly (Coinbase doesn’t have Cardano, you have to trade other coin).

Hope it helps.

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It does thanks.

I’ll do some more research before I jump in.

From a brief look it seems like the core most go for:

BTC (Bitcoin)
ETH (Ethereum)
XRP (Ripple) :grimacing:
LTC (Litecoin)
BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

Followed by these:

ADA (Cardano)
XTZ (Tezos)
XMR (Monero)
LINK (Chainlink)


DASH (Dash)
BNB (Binance)

Just building a bunch of favourites so far:

ETH (Ethereum)

ADA (Cardano)
XMR (Monero)
LINK (Chainlink)

DOT (Polkadot)
ATOM (Cosmos)
ENJ (Enjin)

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Recommend this channel for crypto stuff. Very good and constructive reasoning, no hype just facts.

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Cheers I’ll check it out.

The best I’ve found is this guy, he seems to give as you say both sides of the coin when it comes to talking about crypto. Delivered in a nice presentation that doesn’t feel pumped.

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How can you trade Tesla etc. 24 hours? Do they simulate the prices in the middle of the night or something?

Pretty much just a cfd and in house trading