Disappointed - How long does it take to add ETFs?

I’ve been investing with trading 212 from the beginning of this year and I use it as my ISA account. All my ISA funds are here. I asked about certain etfs to be added because I need them to diversify my portfolio and they pay good dividends which I need. I asked for one growth etf in May and received no reply. Then, I asked on this forum for 2 invesco etfs and got no reply. I spoke on the live chat with 2 assistants and was promised those will be added.

I’m a bit disappointed, because I also referred trading 212 to my friends and family and I’m getting this treatment.

I’m starting to think to move to IB instead. They charge fees but on bigger portfolios those are insignificant and as far as I know they actually have those etfs in offer.


Yes, it is disappointing to see how long it’s taking T212 to add certain stock/ETFs. I too am considering moving to another platform just to get exposure to those I cannot get on T212.

Some of these requests are many months old and still aren’t available. Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but I feel ETF/Stock offerings are high up on the list of things people actually care about.

Missing out on potential gains frustrates even more so.


We are hoping their ticker universe will include all listed securites on current exchanges by the end of the year. Plus new exchanges as well.

They have not added new stocks/ETFs since 2+ weeks, I’m assuming they are going to drop a big bomb very soon! :wink:

Please don’t loose heart, you can of course diversify your portfolio and have multiple brokers (very important), I’m also on IBKR and like them and don’t care about commissions because they are a different kind of broker.

If you need an invitation to IBKR, you can reach out to me by messaging directly.

@David would you mind addressing their requests?

AFAIK, IB does not offer ISA do they?

And yes it is disappointing to wait because everyone thinks their requests are the most important ones :slight_smile:

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We’re working on dropping the next :bomb:. It might even come with a new exchange, who knows…


This is why I have decided not to close my account with Degiro. I continue to use them for ETF and PSI20 stocks. Use T212 for US, German and Spanish stocks.

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Boom. Let’s hope it’s on like Hong Kong! :hong_kong:


I struggle to think of anything else that is useful.

I hope its not a surprise like hey we added Finland grain exchange! :slight_smile:


I’m also waiting for an ETF (XZMJ) for a month… I hope it will come with the next bomb.

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One minute of patience, ten years of peace.

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