Daily Active Users - Trading 212 vs. HL vs. Revolut vs. Freetrade

Daily active mobile users in the UK for the last 6 months.


Fantastic. Autoinvest/pies will see that increase much higher.

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Interesting :face_with_monocle: , but:

What’s the data source for this?

Does unified mean this both iOS and Android users combined?

How is “active user” defined?

Why is Trading212 the only one with an additional label ‘forex and stocks follow’? What does this mean?



I’m also curious. Is this unique devices using the app each day? Or if I open the HL app 10 times does that count for 10? What are the graphs for apps of AJ Bell and Interactive Investor?

The source is AppAnnie - the industry standard for benchmarking mobile apps.

Do we have a similar chart with earnings?

more users on free platforms just mean more infrastructure costs :money_with_wings:

what is the average % of users T212 expect to use CFD to profit with that?


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Thanks. I tried that out. I guess it needs a paid account to produce graphs. I could however see the Trading 212 app ranking 6th in finance category, and 1st amongst any that have anything to do with investing. Revolut is 15 and Hargreaves Lansdown 45 ranked in Finance

In answer to @Alpha the label “forex and stocks follow” is meaningless, just an artifact of how the app was once named.


what on earth is going on with the ups and downs xD do people actually stop using their phones for some time during the day for reasons other than sleep?? Impossible!! xD

Weekends… most likely as markets closed


Poor old Freetrade struggling big time. Their website mentions 150,000 users. But only 9,000 active according to that chart.

Also those Revolut numbers could include 100,000 people opening the app to transfer money to a friend, without ever touching the stock feature. I would cut those figures in half, probably more realistic :slight_smile:


By God, Feetrade’s taking one hell of a shellacking!

Freetrade comment:

Btw 9,000 active users on a Saturday. But the looks of it ~25,000 daily active during the week when markets are open.

At time of Q2 Crowdfunding, claimed 75,000+ monthly actively where 40k+ placed a trade.

I’d take that AppAnnie data with a pinch of salt as still don’t know how they define “active user”?

Not really. Here’s Wed, Jun 10.


Great insight. Is an active user one who opens the app? Just one small definition/clarification please.

Well I guess it depends per app industry, but in general I found:

What is an active user?

In mobile marketing, an active user is a person who accesses an app for a given period of time. During this period each user is counted uniquely to provide an app developer with an accurate figure of how many people use an app, whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly

I guess it is not just opening app, there is also session time metrics I presume.

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Yes. In general, AppAnnie’s estimations are pretty accurate.
Notice that Trading 212 and HL also have web apps so many web-only DAU are not counted here.

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Does it count unique users? Or just unique hits on opening the application?

How does it even know? Is it an api that HL, T212 and Freetrade are using?

I don’t get how it even finds out what apps I have open??

Edit: either way. Presumably it’s gathering data for each app in the same way? In which case the data is accurate when looked at in comparison, but not necessarily accurate against any other metric (e.g unique users? Actual order/transaction data, transaction volume and value etc.)

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I see Feetrade’s deleted the graph which was posted by a long-standing user on its forum, think it must have touched a nerve. They can ill afford to be so precious: rather than looking to address the reasons for their p*** poor performance and a steady stream of users switching to T212, they seem hellbent on shutting down criticism.

It’s so refreshing that T212 does not take a similar Goebbels-like approach to freedom of speech. It’s much better to meet criticism head on by taking things on board or defending your corner.

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Yes I have also had similar comments removed by freetrade about other topics or challenge when facts they dislike are shared. It’s why I have stopped actively using them.

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