Top 10 in Finance

Not really a milestone since we’ve scored higher many times in the past but…this time it’s different!


Congratulations, you deserve to be up there. If it was up to me you would be at number one! I use 5 of the apps in your screen shot and all of them have cost me money except T 212 and Revolut. Yourselves and Revolut are the only income generating for me.


Where do you find this list? :o I’m curious how Android compares

What does it represent? monthly downloads?

you beat revolut and HSBC, gratz. what’s interesting about this screenshot is this Credit Karma that seemed to have poofed into power from thin air.

This is a chart from AppAnnie and is based on daily app downloads.

Better than many established banks. Congratulations!




I think getting a verified Twitter account is a must to boost the “free marketing” of Trading 212 (considering us, users, would mention it and people would click on it and get more info about it). People would trust more in the company if they see the verified account. Besides, it would be great to see more interactions there. Amongst the top 7, only Trading 212 is not verified.

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Thanks for the reminder. Up until recently we haven’t been very active in Twitter. Now that we are, we’ll take care of that.

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