Daily Active Users - Trading 212 vs. HL vs. Revolut vs. Freetrade

I know what you mean. They’ve become a bit cult-ish with no dissent or negative thoughts allowed. It seems to be something that can happen with crowdfunded startups. I used to have an account there but I transferred at the start of the year and haven’t looked back.

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I feel your pain, I got a suspension just for having the temerity to like one of @Antidev’s fair-minded posts. After that, I thought f— this for a laugh and switched. I’m thankful that I only invested a tenner in Feetrade as it’s becoming something of an omnishambles.

I got banned for 1000 years for disagreeing with a decision.


I got a warning and accused of shrilling (or whatever they call it) because I dared post something about T212. At that time I had all my holdings with Freetrade and nothing with T212.

The community can be very hostile if you don’t agree with the ringleaders - certainly not a welcoming place.

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1,000 years? :joy: What was the decision if you don’t mind me asking?

It’s all so utterly counterproductive: yes, they may shut down the odd ‘unhelpful’ comment; but having your own customers and investors spreading the wrong kind of word of mouth to all and sundry is surely worse. I don’t understand their thinking … perhaps there isn’t any.

I want Freetrade to do well. I am a consumer and hold no allegiance to any broker. It helps keep the competition on its toes. But shutting down discussions is not the way to do it and their merry band of followers are deluded if they think Freetrade are even close to T212 at the moment.

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I didn’t agree with them removing a group of stocks. I discussed it with them privately.

You sound like someone who gets turned on by getting frowned and banned by officials or the crazy mob. :partying_face: :beers::+1:


Did you get banned for the private discussion, or was it public before the ban?

If you use Revolut for trading, you must switch to fishing instead…