Trading 212 is UK’s breakout finance app of the year

“Trading 212 even took App Annie’s crown of ‘breakout finance app of the year’ away from Monzo, with users spending the most time on the trading app over other finance apps.”


Love it, much deserved!

I think that’s normal since other apps are just for sending money, checking the balance and so on, while on trading you spend more time searching for companies, analysing maybe charts, etc… Shouldn’t be a big deal I guess.

Anyways, good job! :grin:

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awesome! (and better profile pic :slight_smile: lol

well deserved congrats!

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Don’t say that to other trading apps. :shushing_face:

Well deserved I would say! :fire::fire:

Just don’t mention cfds 💆

Congratulations! :wave: :trophy: Is it the users of the light or dark theme who make the best financial returns using the app?


Nice one @George and everyone else at @Team212! :clinking_glasses:

Well done @Team212 :grinning: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I love it, the improvements that are being made every day are a big help also!

Big fan!

I know there’s a lot of people hating the app but I see the company is growing exponentially. It’s not like other brokers but let them adjust and improve as for me this is one of the best commission free broker in the UK/Europe. Lots of people are now using this app and plenty of demands are being thrown at them so maybe have some patience. Overall, best of luck and congrats to the @Team212 you are all deserved it.


Congratulations, @George and @Team212 - a very good year and well-deserved.