Daily Invest function

Hi there,
Can you please confirm that you won’t deduct funds when the market is closed on the weekends or public holidays?

Funds for auto invest are deducted on the days that you set. Just switch to manual to avoid that :slight_smile:

No they collect funds every day no matter what, meaning double or triple investments on the day it’s open. Hoping it changes soon

Thanks for your reply!
umm…not ideal. It means Mondays will have a triple amount of funds… I guess I’ll have to switch off the function manually on the weekends then.

Daily excluding weekends would be a great start. Adding an exception for public holidays could be tricky to manage. Maybe “major” public holidays such as christmas and new year only would be a little more realistic.

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I made a request for a feature where you can select multiple days for ‘Daily’.
For example, you could select to top up Tuesday+Thursday+Friday.
Same for monthly deposits - you should b able to choose to top up on 3rd + 11th + 12th + 20th of the month
I hope this gets implemented soon.

so you want a custom schedule and not daily or monthly.

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Sounds perfect:
Every day
Week days

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you missed bi-weekly xD it’s a nice compromise between month and week.

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It would be good to get some reaction from the guys over at Trading 212 as to whether this is a feature they could consider implementing. It doesn’t really make sense at the moment for funds to be taken over the weekend when they cannot be invested.