AutoInvest Failed (US Holiday)

I have my AutoInvest schedule set to deposit every Friday. For the previous weeks this has worked fine but ran into an issue today.

Currently have 2 pies, one has 100% US stocks, the other has 2 UK stocks and the rest US.

So the money was deposited successfully but one pie failed to invest entirely (100% US) and the other one was partially successful. I got these notifications.

I would have expected since the US markets are on holiday today the orders would just be left pending until Monday, but there are no pending orders.


Saved me having to type the same text :joy:

I have the same, however it appears that the funds have gone into the pie as cash.
Therefore all I’m intending to do is rebalance the pie on Monday when USA reopens.

Whats the best way of getting the cash to be invested without it selling any minor holdings of overweight lines. Assume just add some additional funds and it will also include the cash sat in pie. It seems to do that with the pennies in there normally.

indeed add minimum manual funds and set to self-balance. it won’t make up for the missed pricing, but it will strengthen your portfolio a little by capitalising on the previous weeks downwards trend.

@Team212 Has anyone had a chance to look into this?

That is how it should have worked, yes. However, we found a bug caused by market holidays and we’ll fix it.


Same issue was happening with manual deposits into pies during the US holiday, UK stocks got bought, US stocks purchases failed and the cash left in pie as free cash rather than being left pending with funds blocked.

I’m assuming it was caused by the same bug.

Yes, it’s the same :slight_smile: