Daily price-change bug (ongoing issue)

(Shouldn’t there be a bugs/issue forum?)

(This policy of no more than 3 consecutive posts all-of-a-sudden is hindering those of us trying to help by updating evolving issues.)

Earlier today I posted…

I’m not trying to troll here but at the risk of repeating myself, this doesn’t add up; even mathematically.

Using a calculator:
Yesterday’s close: 117.99
Price today in image: 118.76
Price difference (actual): +0.77
Percent change (actual): +0.652598%

From the image:
Price diff: +7.87
Percent change: +7.10%


Am I right, am I wrong? Please explain like I’m 6-years-old.

@David @George @Someone

And about 30mins ago, I tried posting this update, which reveals the kink, IMO…

I think it’s a time thing - whether that be international time differences, whatever; I’ve not done that calculation.

I just noticed it looked sane all of a sudden, so I did the maths, same as above, and it works.


I noticed yesterday that things began looking reasonable early evening (UK time), and so it seems today, too.

I hope this helps… it is quite important!

(Prolly picked the wrong time to post; on a Friday evening)

This is still not fixed, despite submitting numerous upon numerous examples via PM to staff.

Here’s another:


Yesterday’s close: 16.18
Price (@ 4:44pm): 16.84
Actual percent change: +4.08%

Bottom line, be careful: don’t trust this number in the platform. I’m amazed this has been allowed to go on this long - please, less features, more fixes.

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Sill not fixed, and this was bad earlier. Note the times.

Minutes after the opening, LAC’s price candle on the chart and the numbers (including price!!) in the right pane were completely wrong. Then later it “caught up”.

First one: LAC was actually up +18% (and the price was wrong, too)

Trading View (time discrepancy due to faffing about screenshotting)

Then 212 caught up (I haven’t verified the price-change% accuracy)

I agree there should be, I requested this ages ago here:

this looks like the same issue I posted here a long time ago, or is it something else?

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