Danske Bank ongoing failure

I have been trying to resolve this issue for several months and as yet it has not been sorted out.
I am unable to use the Instant Bank Transfer facility to fund my Trading212 account from my Danske Bank account.
This is a known issue which nobody seems to be able to resolve.
I would be grateful if this could be looked into.

Where does it fail? Danske was one of the first banks to join Truelayer iirc, so I’d expect this to be fairly straightforward


Thanks for your response. It fails after I press “next” on the screenshot I’ve attached


It fails on the execute payment page(you will be redirected to Danske) when i click next. The message I receive is “checkout failed”

Hey, @Beginner111. :wave:

Danske bank was removed from the available payment options for open banking payments (TrueLayer). The reason for that is ongoing technical difficulties on the bank’s end. Yet, if we receive a confirmation that the issues are fixed, the option for open banking transfers with Danske Bank will be added again.

Hi Michael

Thank you for your response.
I am aware the issue is with Danske Bank but despite persistent requests to have this looked at by them i am no further on.
Is there anything Trading212 can do to pursue this with them as I feel I have exhausted all options.


I have also contacted truelayer, there response was as follows:
Hi Owen,

Thank you for contacting TrueLayer, this is Ivan from Client Care.

Trading212 uses our technology to confirm your identity and to make faster payments, they are one of our partners but we don’t store your information or even get your deposits, as the login you make happened on the provider side directly. We do just initiate the payments, but they still happen between your bank and Trading212.

I would strongly recommend you contact them on their official website here so they can open a case with us on behalf of you providing us with all technical details required.

@Beginner111 You can still use ordinary bank transfers within Danske Bank (Bank Transfer option in the Deposit screen). Nevertheless, we will keep you posted if we have any updates on the situation.

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How about given the issue is Danske bank, using an intermediary bank - Starlingnor Revolut to support neo banks?