Danske Bank failing me


I’m getting severely frustrated with Danske Bank and their inability to sort out the Instant Bank Transfer facility. I have emailed several people within the bank, including senior management, without success. I appreciate I can use the standard bank transfer but being able to fund my Trading212 account instantly is much more preferable.
If there’s anything anyone can do it would be greatly appreciated.

I think I mentioned on another thread - but an out the box solution would be to sign up to a neobank - Starling/Monzo/Revolut to act as a sort of backup/intermediary.

I split my investments/savings/banking across different institutions, just so I have access to options, should any one party not work for any reason.

Not sure if that is something you would consider? I think then if you wanted to withdraw, you might need to withdraw to Danske Bank or whatever account you used to deposit though.

Hi there

Thank you for your prompt reply. I do have a Monzo account and I have added it to the standard bank transfer section but I’m struggling to see how I add it to the Instant Bank Transfer section. I’m only seeing an option to delete my current Danske Bank details but I don’t really want to di that. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.

I started using Revolut (had similar issues with my bank) , it takes me overall 2-3days for the cash transfer but I am very happy with the service