Bank transfer not working - ✅ Solved

Hi Guys Bank transfer is being an issue for me . The instant bank transfer doesnt work and the bank transfer by account doesnt happen quickly.

Can you help me in fixing the instant bank transfer

here is the screen shot i get

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This is a major problem with T212.

It’s surprising they didn’t resolve this issue and don’t recognise faster payments before they started charging for funding via debit cards (I am not aware of any other UK broker that charges for using debit cards).

Instant transfer does not work on my desktop using either firefox or chrome with kaspersky installed.

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Hi I have written about this problem as I am having the same issue. I’ve tagged it onto another thread.

I find this problem a little bit strange. I have used other apps that connect through truelayer and it has worked fine.

I don’t know what’s happening with the T212 accounts for it not to match up.

I still don’t understand why they are charging for debit cards, credit cards should be banned on here anyway


yeh ikr its banned in shops and should be banned online also

@David @Martin @PeterA … Can any of you guys reply to this issue.

If the instant tranfer is not working properly, what is the point of having it . I have tired a couple of times to do it, but unfornately didnt work.


We’re aware of the occurred bug and we’re investing it at the moment.

I’ll get back to you with further updates. :hammer_and_wrench:

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I’d like to point out that @L.D has been very prompt in taking this matter up and thank him for his efforts. The manner in which he has dealt with it gives me hope that it will be resolved.

Until it is resolved, I think Trading 212 should not be charging for deposits made by debit card as that is only fair.

I agree with @2bupordown until the free transfer is fixed people should not be charged. Otherwise Trading 212 can directly say free is only for bank transfers and rest all will be charged.

There is no bank wire option available for you gents?

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The problem is that with faster payments in the UK, it should take a maximum of 2 hours. I paid some money yesterday and it never got in in my 212 account until today. However, today, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email within 4 hours of sending the funds on the 2nd transfer I made. This timing needs to be improved (it is instant between most UK banks) and if it is, it is the method I find easiest.

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I think it’s for some extra income, I mean the 0.7% fee is way higher than their costs (I might be wrong tho)

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I get you, but instead of being happy with open banking, you complain how you are entitled to free debit, until fix provided. While there is working free alternative.

Meanwhile EU investors are without access to such instant top up, we only have SEPA/SWIFT…

So I would think UK investor should be humble and grateful.


I agree that T212 needs to work on automation of bank wire process from their end. SEPA transaction lands into Barclays pooled account seconds after execution. However it takes hours to days sometimes to reflect.

Hi everyone,

First I’d like to thank all of you for the patience and understanding while we were investigating this on our end. We have found the cause of the occurred bug and we’ve fixed it. :wrench: :muscle:

Everyone who couldn’t make a deposit via our Web Platform or Android, you’ll be able to do it now if you try again. :+1:

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Same problem here with Natwest!

Worked and problem sloved . Thanks @L.D

Problem here with Natwest too … Please help.

It’s fixed now, @Billy1 . It’ll work on your next attempt.

Check your inbox, @Mark_1. I’ve sent you a DM. :email:

Still not working for me via iOS or Web… :neutral_face:

Check your inbox, @ChandraNM. I’ll send you a DM. :postbox: