Data provider update timeline?

Any news or update on when the new data provider will be established?

Getting some pretty delayed and wild spreads on stocks. :clock10:

P.S - Could you PIN a section, such as Scheduled Work Ahead which would list all of the jobs which are in the pipeline to be implemented, rather than just one-off posts.
The what’s new section is pretty bare.



@adm We’re carefully switching one by one certain markets/stocks - like Euronext Amsterdam yesterday. Hopefully, everything will be done by the end of next week, at the latest.


Brilliant @David thanks so much. :slight_smile:

@adm Could you share on which securities you’re noticing these price discrepancies?

I noticed a little lag yesterday on some of the ETF’s.
Also, delay and price ranging on OD7F - but I thought this may be expected as low volume trading.
But a little annoying as I would place a trade for what was shown at say $1.9 … but get $2.1.
And after 10 - 20 seconds the chart then changed wildly. Caught me out yesterday, but maybe it’s a small volume thing. Also - profit and loss not working 100% on this ETC
As I bought for $2.1000 per share, but when it reaches $2.1000 per share to sell, it still says im at a loss. Rather than at breakeven?

Learning as I go here.

ISF seemed a little excessively slow too.

@adm You could be at a loss because of currency fluctuations (FX risk). Since 21.04, GBP has appreciated against the EUR.

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Gotchya - thanks for coming back to me :slight_smile:

Does that mean all stocks available on EAM will be on the platform?

@chantal Exactly. All EAM stocks on Invest are with the new data vendor quotes, we’re open to expansion. :slight_smile:

EAM CFDs will also be updated within the day.

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Not seeing Alfen yet. (See [Stock Request] ALFEN)

I would say only existing AEM stocks are migrated:) once completed they will be able to add requested stocks quicker.


@chantal We still haven’t started clearing up the backlog of stock requests, we want to finish switching everything over first - should happen by the end of next week, at the latest.


Great. Patience… :slight_smile:

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Next in line will be existing :fr:, :switzerland: & :es: stocks.


Will there be EAM ETFs with the new data provider?

@marchchip Most certainly.