Stock price compared to other brokers

I checked today price of NIO, on trading212 it was 47.38 USD, but on my other broker (degiro) it was 47.88 USD. How come there is such a big difference?

How does Degrio charge? Looks like they have widened the spread to cream off 0.5 on the ask at that moment.

seems like degiro has 15 minutes delayed price for view, they use realtime price for buy/sell order.

I’m assuming the 15min delayed price is also not the ask?

That will be the last trade (either a buy or sell)

So when you buy/sell you see the current ask/bid.

T212 charts the ask (in invest/ISA)

It depends and varies between brokers. 212 must take their cut that way. I have seen a lot of price differences and also on exchange rate between currencies. But with them you don’t pay any fees per transaction.
Today Easyjet closed at 721.80 and on my position 716 !!! I was fuming !!! But that’s how they work

What are you talking about 717 was the closing ask at the end of the day. You’re getting confused between ask and last trade. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is the last trade at that time


So that Google says last trade as of 16:38

T212 shows closing ask as of 16:29

Thanks :wink: I will be looking into what you wrote. I am not a pro just yet but I start to understand

Basically in this table it’s showing the actual trades that are happening. The columns bid and offer (ask) are the best sell and buy prices at the time.

T212 charts track what is the best ask (not what people are paying or receiving from selling).

You can see the standard hours at 8:00-4:30 pm, you see in the app screenshot above 4:29 which is the last minute candle.

The bit at the top Open High Low Close shows how the ask moved during that minute. What was being asked, how high, how low and where did it finish. We only see minutes as the lowest measurement but it’s changing every second.

You can see the 16:38 AT entry matching, just after the UT which is the closing auction (that single row represents the net result of all).

So you can see what was paid was above what was being asked 716.80

Oh and as for spread it’s completely raw and untouched in Invest/ISA. It’s only the CFD

I should pay you a whole day to come over to my place and explain me the whole thing :wink: Thank you so much for this explanation. We can only trade until 4:30 but who is trading between 4;30 and 5 then ?

This is a misunderstanding. Trading 212 does not make money because of bid/ask spread when you trade in the Invest account. Earnings from spread are for the pockets of market makers, of which Trading 212 is not one.