Demerger IronridgeRess #IRR

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How will this demerger play out? What happens with IRR shares I currently own?
Also I may want to take part in the rights issue (see RNS), how does that work?

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The demerger is not officially confirmed yet. Nevertheless, if it is approved under the proposed conditions, еligible IRR shareholders will receive 1 Ricca Share for every 8 IRR Shares held at the Record Date.

When it comes to rights issues, we are sending a notification with the details of the offer to eligible shareholders. There’s additional information about such events in the article here from our Help Centre.


It looks like Ricca will be listed at a different point in time. Will I be able to buy Ricca shares through t212 regardless if it is listed immediately or not?

Thank you @Team212

Edit: Ricca might get listed on ASX at a later stage. How does this affect me after the demerger if I am an IRR holder now

Update: according to this

RNS Number : 0405R
IronRidge Resources Limited
02 November 2021

shareholders should notify their service providers for further details.
Time table is quite tight and time is of the essence here

2 weeks past, any updates so far?

I would like to participate in the rights issue of the spin off Ricca shares @Bogi.H

Proposed time table of IRR demerger is very tight, so would be essential to know if that will be possible.
In the meantime IRR also listed in the US otc

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The ex-date is not officially confirmed, yet. We’ll make sure to update you as soon as we have additional information about the event.

AGM voted in favor of demerger. Ex dividend date also passed. Any updates? @Team212

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IRR is now ALL and the ex dividend date was 23rd. Are we any closer to knowing how or even if we can partake in the rights issue for the new Ricca shares and can you confirm if we will be receiving our Ricca shares on an 1 for 8 IRR basis as per the demerger terms.


edit, I know it may take couple of weeks to sort out I’m just eager lol :smile:

There shouldn’t be any issue with both the 8:1 demerger and the rights issue according to the CEO he said we are welcomed to approach ALL if issues should arise. I would rather have this completed through t212 though

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The ex-date was on the 22nd of November and the pay date is scheduled for the 22nd of December. We usually receive the shares from our intermediary a few days after the official pay date and as soon as this happens, we’ll distribute them to eligible shareholders. Also, we’ll post an update once we complete the event.


Thanks for your response;

And regarding the rights issue? Will t212 facilitate eligible holders participation?

Are there any further updates to this? 22nd December is a few weeks ago now. Have seen comments on LSE ALL ( formerly ironridge) chat that some other brokers clients have received their RICCA shares on 7th Jan

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At the time of writing, the spin-off company - Ricca Resources does not have a public listing on a recognized exchange. As a result, the shares can’t be bought or sold, nor can we distribute them. Nevertheless, once they do go public, we’ll allocate what’s due to each eligible shareholder account.

Thanks for the update.

What about the rights issue though?

The priority rights issue’s purpose was to bring forth the spin-off event, which has already occurred. Аs a result, shareholders are due shares from Ricca Resources.

I know that but I mean the holders of the alloted 8:1 distribution of Ricca shares were granted the right to double their holding at a discounted share price!!

I believe you misunderstood me. @B.E

Unfortunately, the company’s not officially confirmed any clause of the sort. Neither has our intermediary notified us of an upcoming similar event. Perhaps this is what you were referring to instead? Let me know if you had something else in mind.

Thank you for getting back to me:

Exactly, in your linked RNS the following paragraph is included:

The Priority Offer invites eligible Atlantic shareholders to participate in the Ricca Resources Rights Issue to raise A$7.2m at an issue price A$0.10 cents per Ricca Resources share …

Thats what I am referring to @B.E

The rights issue and demerger are two events that shouldn’t be considered separately. In fact, they go hand in hand. The demerger is contingent upon the rights issue because it raises the capital necessary for the new entity (Ricca Resources) to function. The shares that you’re due from the rights issue are the ones that come from the demerger - Ricca Resources.

They don’t lead to two separate emissions of shares each on their own. They are successive events resulting in the emission of the spun-off shares, which will be allocated to the shareholders’ accounts once the company goes public.

As for this :point_down:

The Priority Offer invites eligible Atlantic shareholders to participate in the Ricca Resources Rights Issue to raise A$7.2m at an issue price A$0.10 cents per Ricca Resources share, on the basis of 1 new share in Ricca Resources for every 8 ALL shares held by eligible ALL shareholders (with entitlements being determined on the Entitlement Offer Record Date).

Perhaps it was only available for institutional type of investors who are eligible to participate. Regardless, we have not received such an offer from our intermediary.