Demerger of PJSC Raspadskaya from the EVRAZ Group

@admins please take note of this.

Expected Feb 2022.

If Russia does invade Ukraine and the west retaliates with sanctions or possibly military support or even shutting Russia out of the payment system.
I do worry Evraz mining operations in Russia could be shut down as a retaliatory measure.

I have gained 44% stock appreciation so far in addition to very good dividends received so far - is it worth taking on this additional political risk or just pure sentimental greed in the face of ringing alarm bells?

RASP will be listed on the moscow exchange, which we don’t yet have access to on T212. I would like to have the shares but unless this exchange is added before 15th feb to 15th march 22 then EVR holders will only be able to get the cash.
This money would be paid out from approx 1st april until 30th sep on the outline plan they have presented so far to shareholders.

Pretty please can we have the moscow exchange added :santa: :santa: :santa:

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Wouldn’t need to worry about that, Putin already said he has no intention of invading Ukraine.

@admins @David

Can you take a look at this comment. What could we do in this situation?

Is the solution not simple - take the knowns - sell EVR and buy back after the event.

I think you’ve made a valid point @Dougal1984 i really don’t want a repeat of pennon when they sold part of their business and paid out 355.0p per share special dividend with share reduction and even though i reinvested the money back am still down 20% - tho they are currently doing share buy back

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The approach we’re most likely to take, given that it’s not in our immediate plans to offer access to MOEX would be to sell the spun-off shares and allocate their cash equivalent to each client.
The ex-date is yet to be confirmed, though, so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on how the topic develops and we’ll keep you posted.