Deposit and dividend unpaid

Hi, there seems to be some errors with my account. I had a £0.00 cash balance and just deposited £50, but my balance instantly went 49.98.

Also, I received dividend notifications for STX and VUSA yesterday and today respectively but the money is not shown in my balance.

Could you shed some light on this?

@Antidev It’s because, on one of your investments, you managed to purchase stock worth more than you had free funds at the time. E.g. you have 100 but purchase shares worth 105. It’s extremely rare but possible during very volatile markets.

You can confirm this by looking at your “Stock Investments/Portfolio”. Subtract that from your total cash/account value & you’ll see it adds up to £49.98. You essentially had a small negative balance because you managed to buy more than you could’ve afforded at that time.

Hi @David I did think it might have been that. I tried to calculate it myself just now but could not remember my previous balance.

Did the negative balance consume my dividends too?

Also do you have a rough idea when limit orders will be available on fractional shares?

Thanks for your help on this.

@Antidev It’s completely possible that it consumed the dividends as well. All incoming cash wouldn’t be free cash until your account balance equals your stock investments.

As for pending orders with fractional shares - that’s coming very soon, along with a massive expansion of the fractional shares universe.

Thanks for the update @David

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