Deposit funds not showing in available funds

I spoke to the live chat 3 weeks ago and advised they would have gotten back to me within a few days and there has been zero contact.

The issue is when I deposit funds to my invest account that it takes the money from my card/bank but does not appear in the available/free funds. Due to this I’m unable to buy any shares. The amount deposited will show in the portfolio value but that’s rather useless since we deposit to buy shares. I use the same card I’ve always used and the card works fine in other uses. Trading 212 app was working fine and then once the server crashed on the day of TESLA shooting sky high, the app all of a sudden developed this issue. I’ve reinstalled etc and still same problem.

Is there any help or solutions to this?


First and foremost - apologies for not following up with you after your first chat regarding the matter. It is definitely not our way to handle such inquiries, and as we speak, we’re adding a more sustainable method to track such “Follow up is due” cases.

As of the matter itself - it is irrelevant to the downtime which we experienced. I’ll send you the precise calculation on a DM, but just for the rest of the community to be aware: due to extreme market volatility, you were able to purchase shares worth more than your current free funds at the time. That’s why you’ve had a “negative balance” which was cleared once you made the deposit. It is an extremely rare case.

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I have spoken with the Trading 212 team and all has now been resolved. Thank you Tony for the quick response and looking into the matter and explaining what had happened.

Now, on-wards and upwards to a good 2020 for investing and growing.