Negative balance? - ✅ Solved

Hi everyone, I contacted chat support about my specific case and for the moment I received no reply (I understand the load you guys are having). I just wanted to post this in the forums and get a more broad explanation of what’s happening.

So my Free Funds went to 0.00 EUR after a Market Order after the circuit breakers were deactivated. At first I though that the order was completed using just the 100% of my free funds at the time.

Yesterday I received a dividend into my account but my Free Funds were still at 0.00 EUR. Today I deposited 95 EUR but Free Funds were reflecting 94.10 EUR, clearly showing that my balance was negative after the Market Buy.

This raises two concerns:

  • The market order was not executed correctly as it used more than the 100% of the funds available at the time.

  • My account was not showing a negative balance that I need to top up. It instead just shows 0.00. After receiving the dividend, my account was still showing a balance of zero generating a TON of confusion about the situation.

@marchchip It looks like the negative balance protection wasn’t properly activated & it didn’t restore the necessary funds to bring your account balance back to 0.00.

Could you DM me your email address so I can make the correction?

Hey David,

seems like I have the same problem. Could you please help me too?

Best Regards,


Hi @David

I too have experienced an issue with negative balance protection.

I deposited some funds hours before the markets opened, and then instantly received a notification stating a number of my shares had been automatically sold, before the markets had even opened and consequently putting me a big loss.

Could you take a look into it please?