Withdrawal / Deposit discrepancy

Hi @Team212

A while back (5th June) I tested out the cash withdrawal functionality via the app.
I deposited £10 and immediately tried to withdraw the same amount. No pending trades at that point.

However the app would only let me kwithdraw £1.12 and retained the rest.

Can you - or perhaps someone in the community - explain why this was? Wasn’t a big deal at the time as I simply invested it, but thinking later down the line if I am trying to withdraw greater sums, this test would suggest I can only withdraw a little over 10%.

Your insight would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Did you have a free share worth the difference?

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I did actually, about two weeks prior.

I suspect it is that. To stop someone signing up getting the free share and then withdrawing their money.

Yeah makes sense. Although if that isn’t an offput to referring people… :wink:

Unless there’s a time limit on it.

There was a disclaimer document somewhere on the free share topic… here it is…


2.5. The monetary value of the Promotion Share shall be subject to a 30 days withdrawal lock-up period, from the day of the receipt of the Promotion Share. The lock-up will not affect in any way any other assets You have - e.g. Your deposit or Your profit (if any) arising from the Promotion Share etc. In case You have sold the Promotion Share with a loss (for less than it initially cost) only the funds acquired from the sale would be subject to the lock-up period. If you have received the monetary value, instead of a Promotion Share, those funds will be subject to the lock-up period

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Had you sold the promotional share?

Did you top-up the account to £10? Or did you add £10 and you still had the share or the proceeds from selling it?

Thanks @Vedran - assumptions confirmed.

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