Suggested deposit/withdrawal method


I’m eager to start using T212, but I’m still deliberating the best method to use for deposits and withdrawals. I’m very hesitant to start as I fear screwing up by choosing a bad deposit method since it will affect the withdrawal process as well.

I realize there are many threads here discussing similar questions, and I have read as much as I could. Still, the circumstances are not exactly the same, and some points could have changed over time. Hence, I would appreciate it if some of you could share your experiences here.

In my case, these are the methods that I’m currently considering:

  1. Card vs Transfer/Send?
    Usually you have the option to use real/virtual cards or transfer/send within the apps. Which method would be preferable for T212? Normally I like to use virtual/disposable cards, but will I run into withdrawal issues with them? Should I use the transfer/send method instead?

  2. Revolut
    I read that Revolut used to block payments to/from(?) trading sites like T212, but supposedly this is no longer true. Also, due to Brexit, the IBAN will change from GB to LT soon, and then to IE at some point again. Would you still recommend using Revolut?

  3. TransferWise
    This should be similar to Revolut. But, depending on the currency (USD or EUR) I use with T212, I would need to use the corresponding TW currency account, or does this not matter at all?

Generally I prefer these two apps due to better user experience (IMHO), but otherwise I also have an N26 account. Would N26 be a better choice here, or should I look into some other methods such as bunq/vivid/etc as well?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Just to avoid problems withdrawing at a future stage I am using bank transfers. It is not the fastest but I know all withdrawals will go to my bank account.