Deposit failed, "checkout failed"

Today I couldnt deposit from any payment system you have in option. All of them failed.

I got the message “checkout failed”

Please find a solution!



No issues on our side whatsoever. The case is related to the limit of the used payment method. I’d suggest to Reach out your bank for further details. :+1:

I’ve deposited money in SKRILL and it still doesn’t work. It says I have no balance in my skrill account. Paypal neither.

Hey @Tony.V, I’m having the same issue too, getting the following error. My account has enough money and it’s probably not a limit issue as I’m just trying to fund a small amount. Does it matter that my VISA debit card is issued in the United States? Appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

That’s correct- US issued/related cards are not accepted.

@Tony.V Oh man that sucks! But at least that explains it. Thanks for clarifying! Take care.