Deposit Funds with 3rd party visa card

Could you please advise if it is allowed to make funds deposits using third party visa card details?

Hey @Sid

Here you can find the answer. In a nutshell: you should use your own card.

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Thanks Tony, T212 FAQ is very useful and well elaborated.
I should have started looking at it before asking actually :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s fine, no worries.

By the way - most likely next week we’ll launch a brand new and intuitive help desk, where clients will be able to locate the answer of the most common questions with a single click. Moreover, in about 2 weeks (or less), we believe that we’ll be able to bring back our live chat. :muscle:

Long story short - all promised here will be delivered. :white_check_mark:


That’s awesome :ok_hand:
Thanks so much