Deposit money by Visa credit or Master credit?

Hi guys,

I would like to ask whether Master card (credit) is accepted on trading 212 or they just allow the Visa one??


MasterCard is supported as well. :money_with_wings:

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Pretty sure that using a credit card to fund trading is illegal in the uk.

It’s not illegal as in there’s no law (might be part of some CC providers terms and conditions), but not a good idea generally to play with money that isn’t yours.

it will also be treated as “cash withdrawal” by the bank, not “purchase”.

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Wait isnt that what funds this entire thing.

Off topic a bit but would you be able to use those prepaid debit cards? I’ve still got one from a gift would actually be better stuck in here than spent on beer

you’ll cause headaches to yourself those prepaid cards get flagged with AML rules.
Brokers will dictate you to withdraw with the method you’ve deposited to keep themself safe regulatory wise. If you have a legitimate reason for using these methods, they’ll ask for paper trail - proof of funds.

Ahh yeah I thought it would I have £1.97 on it :joy:

I can never be arsed taking it out the house to actually use it up

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