Upcoming improvements & community threads

Good evening Ladies and Gents,

First and foremost - we wanted to let you know that we are here for you. In light of the circumstances around COVID-19, our team took measures in advance, and we shifted towards working remotely. Yes, we miss a lot our office, but our priority is the health and safety of our team, while also being socially responsible.

#StayHome #StaySafe :pray:

Due to the overload provoked by the huge demand, it takes a while until you reach our customer care team. That’s not our way for sure, and we’re sorry that you have to wait to reach us (keeping in mind that not a while ago our average pick up time was about 36 seconds).

The measures we took already:

  • We’ll optimize the onboarding process - ETA: 3 weeks;
  • We’re expanding our team (already several people are in training) - ETA: 2-4 weeks;
  • We’ll create an additional Help desk tool, where the most common topics will be a click away from you - ETA: 4 weeks

Bear with us, please.

The chat & phone service will not be available, and all inquiries will be attended via email. That way we’ll reduce the disappointment of waiting to be connected with an agent over the chat.

  • Average response time via email: 48 hours.
  • Average account verification time: 72 hours*.
    *Should the provided documents not meet the verification criteria, then the review period will be reset for any following uploaded documents, ensuring fairness in the process…

In the meantime, we wish to keep this community available for general topics, which might be interesting and useful to all readers. We understand how urgent every single request is. Still, if we continue prioritizing all inquiries received here, then it won’t be fair to the rest awaiting assistance via our support channels. Moreover, some of the cases require an investigation on an account level. We cannot reply in the thread sharing all available information - otherwise, we’re risking your privacy. Therefore, all topics related to a particular account will be delisted.

To be on the same page, I’ll share some examples:

  • :white_check_mark: How I can participate in your “Invite a friend” promotion?
  • :x: I referred my friend. However, my share is missing.

  • :white_check_mark: What are the accepted onboarding documents?
  • :x: Why is my account not verified yet?

  • :white_check_mark: What are the supported deposit methods?
  • :x: I deposited 3 days ago, but I don’t see my money.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated. :v:


Good to hear. Keep safe.


Awesome glad to see, love the direction its going

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Again, appreciate the transparency and the update. Stay safe and healthy.

Wish the new joiners welcome and hopefully all of us will be understanding of the slight service change.


I can’t login forgot the authentication code