Technical difficulty depositing money

I am a beginner investor and have 2 issues regarding my Trading 212 account. I have tried calling, there was no response. I also tried emailing, my emails are not going through.

Today I started using the app and went to deposit £35 into a CFD account, primarily just to test out the app. When I first tried to deposit the money, a notification appeared saying I didn’t have internet, so I tried again (as my phone said I had a good connection) and it failed again. I tried for a third time, this time on 4G and it went through.

I then saw that my account was worth £100+. I looked at my banking app and saw the £35 transaction had gone through 3 times. These funds are now registered as blocked funds. I cannot move the money back into my bank account because the funds are blocked. Why are these funds blocked and how can I get the money back into my bank account?

This is not a huge amount of money but I am a first-time trader with some theoretical knowledge from university but very little practical knowledge. Therefore I only intended to have a very small budget to ensure that if something went wrong, it would not be a major issue.

Can anyone offer me any clarification?


Hey @samuelbenedict,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience, however, it seems that the deposits went through while all this wasn’t visible on your end due to the mentioned connectivity issues. It is not really an issue on our side, though.

Also, you have opened several positions, and the funds are blocked due to the margin requirement.

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Hi @Tony.V

Thanks for your response.

The notification saying I had no connection appeared as a response to me pressing the deposit button. After I dismissed the notification, there was nothing that implied or explicitly told me the deposit had gone through. It was very clear that the deposit could not take place because of my connectivity issues.

Beyond this, I did not touch the extra £70 that was unintentionally put into my account, so surely this money can simply be moved back, hence why I am confused as to why these are “blocked funds”.

How do you suggest I solve this problem?