Depositing funds using AMEX Cashback credit card

I have seen posts saying you can use credit cards to deposit on 212 with no fees, and wa a just wondering if any one has took advanatage of this using a cash back card such as the Amex?

Was also wondering if there was any rules on this with the card provider because you could essentially just ‘print’ money? Same goes with air miles or any other credit card perks

this actually would be amazing and if it is working, I’ll do a self kick for not using it up until now.

But T212 not charging is one side of the story, it is also important how AMEX is treating T212, they might as well treat it as “cash withdrawal” instead of “purchase”

uff that hurts, I hate you :smiley:

you got me excited for nothing,
wanted to test it and there is not an AMEX option while depositing, even when I select google pay…


Damn that’s a shame lol, I wonder about about other rewards card so, like a nectar card sainsburys credit card as that’s a MasterCard, Barclaycard have a cashback option as wel

It’s not a great idea. It could complicate your withdrawal process, sending money back to the credit card. Plus potential fees for it being treated as a cash withdraw.

Well I use similar Visa card with reward points to top up revolut, then top up t212 with those funds. So can be workaround vs directly using CC with T212.

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I used to do something similar. But then Barclays caught on that they wern’t using the correct merchant code or whatever. Then one day they charged me for doing it. I complained, got it refunded. Never did it again.

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