Didn't get full cost of Dividend paid out by EPR stock. Please help

Trading212 mentions that EPR distributed an ordinary dividend of $0.33 per share. I own 60 shares. $0.33 x 60 = $19.80. $15.62 converted to pounds in £15.97. Why was I only paid £15.62?

Also how do I know EPR paid the correct dividend cost per share?


The div was $0.382 per share, $0.3247 aftet tax. So 60 shares gives $19.482.

See https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/stocks/epr/dividend-history

where did you get the after tax info from?

Moat US dividends are subject to 15% witholding tax.

How do I know if I was actually paid that EPR dividend?

In history tab there is dividend section