Difference between Live Result, Portfolio & Account Value


What’s the difference between Live Result, Portfolio & Account Value? And how do you know when you’re making a profit?

For example, if your Live Result is £0.98, Portfolio is £19.68 and Account Value is £20.35, what does this mean? I’m finding the layout a bit confusing. Appreciate the help guys

Portfolio value is the current value of all your investiments. Account value is portfolio + free funds (funds not yet invested). Live results I couldn’t find it in the app, not sure.

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By this value, I guess Live result means the return from your investiments. Can you share a screenshot?

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That’s correct; ‘Live Result’ is the P&L for your entire investment portfolio.

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@victor @MadeInAlmhult

I think I get it now. I initially made an investment of £20 just to see how this whole thing works. image

Good luck in keeping that figure in the green! :rofl:

Why’s that funny for?

It’s a tough financial world, out there. I haven’t seen mine in green, for a long time. Good luck.

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Lol well I think it will get better. They always do. Yours will go green soon