New on Trading212 - Question about values

I’ve just invested in some stocks and I’m trying to figure this values out since I can’t quite get my head around it. Can someone please explain to me what each part means? !

Hi @JoaoVasco,

Welcome. I can’t see your image. It doesn’t load.


Live result = current profit of all open positions (if negative it will show red)
Free funds = available funds
Portfolio = current worth of your portfolio
Account value = Free funds + Portfolio



That’s what I thought, until I checked live results on the stocks and the sum of this values equals the portfolio + free funds… For example, the live result 10.10 EUR doesn’t add to the portfolio

It is already added to the portfolio value. Portfolio = Invested amount +/- live result.

For example: if you invest €100 and your current live result is €10,10, then portfolio shows €110,10.


Ohhh, I finally get it! Thank you so much!

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