Difference between stocks on UK accounts vs EU

I noticed that there was a difference in what stocks were listed on the homepage and what was available to me.

I asked support (who were very fast, good job) and got from them that this was due to the new entity Trading 212 Markets which allows T212 to onboard new clients from the European Union.

As the entity is still new, weare constantly working on adding all the instruments that are available to our UK entity. Please, rest assured that the equities available in this listwill be added gradually as soon as possible.

Is it possible to get notified when these stocks are included for EU customers aswell?

some are added alongside the UK additions, as far as IPOs go however for other additions at large we don’t really get certain announcements on an individual/constant basis.

T212 may release a large batch of stocks and ETFs that will be added to the EU entity, when they do so they will make a post here in the community with a list of all the new stocks. but its also possible that they will work on preparing all current listings for 1 batch update that will allow them to move EU clients on the UK entity over to the EU entity in full.

keep checking back and if you are lucky you will see a list with new additions if you don’t stumble across them in the platform first.

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