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Hi can anybody give there advice on this, I bought shares in beyond meat at112, sold when the price was nearly 116. They put them through sell at 112. And said that’s what the sell price is, so I thought I was making profit selling them, but in fact I ended up loseing money

Hi, yeah that is an issue I have already raised. The price you see quoted in the app is the buy price and not the sell price. So when you go to sell you have no idea what price you sell for until the order is executed. The sell price Always includes the spread

How are you meant to know what profit you are making, just guess and see if it sells at profit!

I think that the following thread might help here:

As an addition, the Estimated value on the Review order page is calculated by the estimated Sell price:

I realise that, but for such a big difference, 112 and 115. How are we meant to know if we are making profit? If we don’t know what it’s gonna sell for?

That’s my point exactly. The sell price, whatever it may be, needs to be visible so that it is easier to work out profit.

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@Dames DM us your account details & we’ll check what went on.

Messaged you, Thankyou