Different prices on CFD and Invest account

On CFD platform there is a price anomaly - a candle with a long wick downwards:

On LSE official website there is no such wick:

Do you compensate customers with positions liquidated with loss when this wick occurs?

I would have to caution here that CFDs and Equities aren’t the same thing so its possible to see minor divergences in prices between the CFD and Invest accounts. both have an influence on the other, but do not necessarily mean a spike will be reflected across charts.

It may be a bad feed from the provider, but it may also have happened. If it’s a technical issue @Team212 can sort you out.

It would be interesting in that case to have a tutorial from someone who knows how CFD prices are produced. Are they not simply derived from something that is actively trading like a stock or future?

This also happened a few weeks ago, and people were compensated. You can check the old posts here.